overbaked Ratatouille

ingredients 200g Polenta Ratatouille : 500g Cherry Tomatoes 200g Carrots1 medium Zucchini2 little or 1 big red pepper2 tsp paprika powder (optional) 1 tsp Thyme2 tsp herbs of provence1 ttsp Oregano (optional) Some fresh basil Intructions Okay literally since I made this over baked recipe I can't get enough of overbaked stuff, to be honest… Weiterlesen overbaked Ratatouille


old memories

Ingredients 800g potatoes 500g frozen of fresh spinach instructions Actually this time this recipe is one of my roasted potato recipe series and it's also a memory located recipe..... so the double amount of fun.... *big smile* First preheat the oven to 220 C °. And second..... guess wha..... t of course, RUN to the… Weiterlesen old memories

tropical rice salad

cof ingredients 150g whole grain rice 1 baby pineapple 1 big mango1 big papaya Instructions Guess what....... it's in the middle of summer and i'm in love with Papayas and honestly.... can't get enough of this yummy fruit....... soooo..... I had to make a salad..... 🙂 Which includes rice and always when we have cook… Weiterlesen tropical rice salad

Chilli con Gnocchi

Ingredients Gnocchi: 180g Polenta Chilli: 2 cans Kidney beans2 cans corn600g Cherry Tomatoes 2 tsp paprika powder A few chilli flakes Instructions: Mmmmhhmm so good, and even better it's another Chili!! BEANSSSSSS!!!! Sadly we won't start with this goodness of a stew. But we'll start with a part of it - the Gnoccies. For them,… Weiterlesen Chilli con Gnocchi


Ingredients cof 600g Potatoes 200g Yellow carrots 200g yellow beet1 Corn cob200g Pineapple Instructions Aaaaaannnddd.... Here is the second one, in the color series..... Yellowwwwww. Trust me, it's yellow, my mum and I were laughing ourselves to death, as I were showing here the picture... For the start peel the potatoes and slice them into… Weiterlesen Yellow

Back in season!!!

Ingredients: 🙂 500g B-B-Brusssseeeelllll Sprouuuuuutttssss Instructions: Guess what Brussel sprouts are back in Season!!! They are so amasing and so good - I just love them! And therefore I was so happy, when I was wandering through our grocery market and my eyes fell on them... I almost fainted! Plus there are so many different… Weiterlesen Back in season!!!