Mexican Curry soup

Ingredients 1 can Coconut milk 2 tsp Curry 1 tsp Tumeric 150g Mushrooms 1 red pepper 1 green pepper 1 can Corn A bunch of parsley Instructions Okidokey..... Because I had a funny day, font be confused, when I'm making a lot of ridiculous names out of the vegetables... With which we are also hoping… Continue reading Mexican Curry soup

Green peace Puree

Ingredients 1000g Potatoes or Japanese sweet Potatoes 200g frozen or fresh peas 1 Avocado 1 can Edamame beans Instructions I envy you..... I'M JELOUS, GOD DAMN IT OF YOU HAVE Japanese sweet Potatoes at your Market,...... I want to, toooooo Ughhh please peel either potatoes or those delicious, sensational, best-thing-on-earth Japanese Sweet potatoes and cut… Continue reading Green peace Puree

Bean Polenta bread

Ingredients 200g Polenta 1 can White beans 1 can Kidney beans A few delicious iceberg Salad leaves Instructions Now for this good old bread - Yes, indeed I cal that a Polenta bread - a beany one, as well.. That has to be started, by obviously cooking the Polenta according to the instructions on the… Continue reading Bean Polenta bread

Cheezy Quinoa casserole

Ingredients 200g Quinoa 1 head Broccoli 500g Potatoes 1 tsp nutritional yeast (optional) Instructions So.... I have to admit... This. Was. Cheezy!... But vegan and definitely good! Oh and before I'll talk you to death, please follow the boring instructions on the package to cook our Quinoa - normally in a pot with two and… Continue reading Cheezy Quinoa casserole

Gnocchi de Curry

Ingredients 200g Polenta 200ml Coconut milk 2 tsp Curry 1 tsp Tumeric Instructions Original, basically... And easy! Two things, two times and easily prepared.. Two hours before - the first time - cook the Polenta according to the instructions on the package and wait until it thickens, to spread it evenly on a plate or… Continue reading Gnocchi de Curry

Winter vs. Pumpkin

Ingredients 500g Cherry Tomatoes 1/2 Hokkaido Pumpkin200g Carrots 200g Mushrooms 1 can White beans Instructions This, i think is my first "look in the fridge recipe ", that I will publish on my website here, but just so you know pumpkin and winter that's definitely a go! Like all of our beloved stew recipes, let's… Continue reading Winter vs. Pumpkin

Halloween filled purple potatoes

Ingredients 8 medium purple HaLLOweEn potatoes For the zombies: 200g Frozen or fresh peas 200g Cherry tomatoes For the ghosts : 200g Cauliflower 1 handful white beans For the Jack'O Lanterns : 300g Hokkaido Pumpkin 200g Carrots 1 handful White beans For the COrRUptIoN : 1 can Black beans 1 can Edamame beans 100g Frozen… Continue reading Halloween filled purple potatoes

Zucchini, Brussel sprout and PEPPPERRRR Roast

Ingredients 1 big Zucchini 300g Brussel Sprouts 2 mmaaasssive Red peppers Instructions OK, guuyyysss, I'm... Just so you know pepper addicted,.... And now to the recipe, which should start by preheating the oven to 220 C °, even if you want a grain to it, too.. Because since it has to preheat anyways, you can… Continue reading Zucchini, Brussel sprout and PEPPPERRRR Roast

Mexican cream soup

Ingredients freaking hell of a lot potatoes ....... Ok, 800g1 can Kidney beans 1 can Corn 1 big red Pepper 1 to 2 tsp paprika powder Instructions * For this lovely potato soup, which is definitely a Mexican soup, you have to begin by peeling and cubing the potatoes and boiling them.... Of course.... in… Continue reading Mexican cream soup